A Lovely Few Days in Bath

 25 weeks pregnant today and the bump has definitely had a growth spurt. Feeling very large already!

Last week ended with the studio pretty much organised and ready to use. I can now happily type this at my desk, which is no longer totally covered in stuff. Pictures to follow in another post, I’m not that organised yet. There was a big push to get things tidy and organised, not just for the baby’s arrival in March but, for the weekend too as my lovely Mum was treating me to a few days away, relaxing in Bath. I certainly didn’t want to go and get myself all relaxed and then come back home to stress over the state of the studio again! I was supposed to travel to and from Bath on the train but of course public transport in the UK never can cope with any weather and considering the somewhat severe, in some cases, flooding we have had in the South West it was no surprise that my trains were cancelled. So last minute arrangements were made and my hero husband offered to drive me most of the way to meet up with my Mum who would drive the rest.

 Image View from the car on the way into Bath.

Travel arrangements aside, I had a fantastic few days. I ate extremely well (and a lot!), enjoyed browsing around the Christmas market and soaking up the festive atmosphere, had an awesome time relaxing at the Thermae Spa for the day, and was very relieved when we finally came across a shop that sold comfy over the bump leggings in my now larger size (possibly due to all the eating!). Most of all it was great to spend some quality time with my Mum, before I become a Mummy too and she becomes a Nanny.

Image The view from our hotel room.







So cute – the hot water bottles left on our beds in the hotel room. Not that we needed them, it was plenty warm enough.


Bath Christmas Market and some of the many pretty Christmas lights.








The Christmas lights were very pretty and Bath itself, I thought, was a stunning place, despite the drizzle. Beautiful architecture, a great selection of high street and boutique type shops, small enough to not get too lost and yet so much to see, we definitely could have done with a couple more days. My favourite day was most certainly the day at the Thermae Spa. http://www.thermaebathspa.com/ A thoroughly relaxing day, surrounded by yet more stunning architecture in the beautiful spa building and from the surrounding buildings in the view from the rooftop bath. What an experience, bobbing about in the warm relaxing waters outside on a cold November day with steam rising off the water’s surface. Simply stunning. 🙂


Poolside at the Thermae Spa in Bath, on the rooftop. Me; looking rather large at 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The gorgeous City of Bath behind me. 



My beautiful Mum xxx

Many, many thanks to my wonderful and very generous Mum for such a luxurious treat and also to my heroic chauffer husband for coming to the rescue with the last minute travel disruptions. Love you both very, very, very much xxx

Don’t touch that dial, back soon…


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