Nursery On A Shoestring

After such a long time away, it’s hard to know where to start catching up. The Christmas and New Years break was hectic yet productive and we got to visit most of our friends and family on the list. It was so lovely to see everyone that we managed to, and sad not to see the ones we missed but fingers crossed we’ll see them next time.

I had good intentions to get back to blogging and working on pieces for the etsy and folksy shops soon after we got back. Unfortunately good intentions alone won’t get things done. I quickly realised after packing away all the Christmas decs that there was far too much to do in respect to getting the house ready for the baby’s arrival in March and the nursery was still a store room, jammed packed with stuff. So with an ever increasing belly, an ever decreasing budget and time left in the schedule, my husband and I set aside everything else that could wait and set to on the renovations.
We had to get in a guy who calls himself “the window doctor” to replace the blown unit in the window but the rest of the work we did ourselves. I did the plastering and polyfillering and we both then started painting, but I had to drop out of that activity as I couldn’t reach below my knees or above my shoulders very well. It was decided that my husband could do a better job of the painting by himself and I would go and get on with framing pictures and other little and less bump straining tasks.
This weekend the shelves went up and we are finally finished, with just over 3 weeks until the due date.
So here is the nursery before we got going:
And after:
Roll of wallpaper to make the tree and animals (drawn freehand with Sharpie pens) – £1.
Spot the hospital bags packed and ready. Cot donated by our old Land Lady, and very nice it is too.
Charity shop picture frames, £3 each. The prints I already had from an old exhibition of mine.
Renovated chest of drawers free from Freecycle and homemade crochet lampshade.
The awesome nappy changing bag, that actually plays music.
The beautifully hand crafted (by my Mum) moses basket bedding and accessories. [Moses basket £5 from a charity shop]
image image
Froggy 50 pence at a nearly new sale, and his chair £5 at a car boot sale. Another piece lovingly restored by my Mum.
image image
One of my favourite finds, £1 pair of curtains from a charity shop. They were a little too short so I added the red and white gingham myself.
I am so relieved to have finished it. Hospital bags are packed too, so now all I need to do is rest and prepare for the big day. 🙂
If you don’t hear from me again for a while it’ll be because our baby has arrived, I do hope to get one or two more blog posts done before then. We shall see.
Love and groovy vibes to all xXx

5 thoughts on “Nursery On A Shoestring

  1. Jane Melling

    Love it!!! must be sooooo pleased that its done – now you can start eating the spicy stuff!!


    1. Sandra

      Hi Gemma and mikey. Sitting here in hotel room in America and found these lovely pictures. It looks so nice, be very proud of yourselves for doing it all. Are you counting down the days now? I have bought baby Lucas something from here so can’t change it! Lots of love and best wishes. Sandra

  2. Mandy

    Hi Gemma,
    well youve been really busy ! Mum showed me some pics too. It all looks lovely, ready for the big day.
    hope Elvis isn’t giving you too much trouble either. Just three weeks to gooooooo xx
    Best wishes, keep us up to date. Mandy x

    1. Del

      Love it! Don’t forget you are going to have some vintage wallpaper offcuts for the leaves when you come over on Pizza Night.

      Deldel xxx


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