The Importance of Being Organised and The Futility of My Plans

I am 24 weeks pregnant today and the ever-growing bump is beginning to be a bit of a hindrance as I go into nesting overdrive. Having moved house at the end of August, to a “bit of a project” bungalow, we are still trying to get lots of jobs done before Junior arrives and consequently are still living amongst a large population of packing boxes.


My main focus this week has been on my studio and it’s organisation, or lack there of. The original plan was to remove all the boxes from the studio, organise what was left in there and methodically unpack the boxes back into the room. For some reason this seemingly simple task has been hampered by; some very late nights working on the bathroom and other projects around the house, a rather large bump that makes moving around the tight spaces tricky, and the over ambitious deadline I set for completion (which was the end of the day today). Two things are clear from today’s efforts; 1) the deadline can’t possibly be achieved, and 2) from the three bin liners full of utter rubbish that have so far been unpacked, I may have to concede that my husband could be right about the extend to which I hoard!


Hardly a work of photographic art but just so you can get an idea of the mountain I am climbing here are some pictures of the studio before I began this week:


And at the end of the day today…


…It doesn’t actually look like a great deal has been done but this is several days work!!! I will have to give up setting unachievable deadlines like this to avoid disappointment. I will just keep chipping away at this laborious chore and hope it won’t take too much longer. I will post some “after” pictures once it’s done.


It’s been very cold and wet here recently and thankfully it’s stayed dry today. The sun has even made a brief appearance. Sometimes it’s better just to shelve the chores and go and have some fun in the garden with this happy little chappy 🙂Image


Plans can be futile and there has to be more to life than being organised. Enjoy life’s precious moments when you can. Pooch always makes me smile. Hope this picture of him hurtling down our steep hill of a back garden at top speed makes you smile too.


Off to play with the pooch some more before it gets dark. Until next time… 🙂


I am Littlegemm




ImageI am Littlegemm, although currently I’m not so little and I’m going to keep expanding for a while, as I’m exactly 23 weeks pregnant today.

My lovely husband and I live in Cornwall with our somewhat special needs pooch, Floyd, and the baby boy we are expecting will be our first adventure into parenthood.

I am an artist and crafts person and have just begun to dip my toe into the world of online selling. I have started this, so far bewildering and slightly overwhelming, journey with an Etsy shop: Please check it out. I also hope to open up a Folksy shop and eventually my own website. I am guessing this process will be utterly slowed down upon the arrival of our son but I am prepared to throw any spare time and energy I have into trying to make a success of this venture. It’s pretty nerve wracking!

I’ll be aiming to post on my blog once a week so please do follow me and I’ll endeavour to make it an interesting read with a few pretty pictures.


See you at 24 weeks! xxx xxx xxx