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Trimming the Tree & My Top Five Easy, Homemade, Christmas Decorations and Tutorials

This year the 1st of December thankfully fell on a Saturday. This meant I would have some muscle on hand (in the form of my handy husband) should I need any heavy lifting done, or any clambering up into the loft to fetch more decorations or lights. For the past few years we have had a fairly unconventional tree. Basically a pot of sticks, freshly pruned from whatever there is available in the garden, that I spray with spray paint.


My lovely husband and our pooch last year with the “Twig Tree”

It’s quite charming really, but this year I felt I needed something more robust as my collection of decorations is getting rather large. I do love a real tree, the smell is just amazing. Our very own live Blue Spruce, or Bruce as we know him, is still very poorly from the Christmas, four years ago, that he spent inside. I don’t think he minded all the lights and decorations, but he definitely wasn’t a fan of the central heating. Poor Bruce 😦


Poor old Bruce, still in recovery outside.

So until Bruce has recovered we are going without a live tree, or a real tree. And this year to make life as easy as possible in my pregnant state (less vacuuming up the needles) we have gone for a conventional artificial tree. I can’t decide if I’m disappointed with it or not. The decs and lights definitely make it a lot better. I guess, it’s just got less character than Bruce or the Twig tree.


This years festive creation.

It’s certainly festive enough though, and in the evening with the fire roaring and crackling and all the lights twinkling and decs sparkling it’s definitely doing the job.

So, onto my Top 5 Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations and Tutorials:

Number 5: The Moustache Bauble


I saw this one and just had to try and make it. It’s basically just some interior gloss white paint over an ordinary plastic bauble (a great way to breath new life into the older more tired looking ones) and some gingham ribbon to hang it. Then take a sharpie (other permanent marker pens are available) to it for the “stash”.

Here’s a couple of others I made using the same technique. There’s no end to what you could create.


There’s no tutorial for this one, I’m afraid, sorry about that. You can buy one if you follow the link here though:


Number 4: The Stuffed Paper Heart Map


This one is kind of a combination of two separate ideas. The first idea was for a map decoration showing where you first met your someone special or where you got married, in this case it shows where we owned our first home together. The second idea is for stuffed paper hearts and that’s the tutorial I have the link to:


You can see that I’ve tweaked it a little in my version, but that’s what being creative is all about, you have to add a bit of your own personality to everything you make, it’s pretty much unavoidable!

Number 3: The Yarn Ball and Needles


This is one of the first decorations that I made after pinning so many lovely, merry treats to my “Festive Christmas” board on Pinterest. [You’re welcome to follow me there BTW – http://pinterest.com/littlegemm] I made another one of these as a present for a good friend of mine and actually I think that one worked better as it was a dual colour yarn. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that one. Here’s the tutorial that it’s based on:


Number 2: The Crochet Christmas Pudding


I couldn’t leave this one out of my top 5 Christmas decs, even though I didn’t make it myself and it’s not necessarily an easy one to make unless you know your crochet. It was made by a very good friend of mine and given to me as a present. I have found an online tutorial which shows you how to make something very, very similar, but having never tried it, I don’t know how good it is. From a quick scan through, looks like it’s pretty good though. Let me know how you get on if you try it:


Number 1: The Up-cycled Light Bulb Penguin


This is definitely my favourite as it’s such a simple idea, aren’t they always the best?! And I love penguins as they’re so cute.

I went totally off-piste with this tutorial as I was supposed to be making a snowman! Here’s the tutorial anyway, hopefully someday I’ll get round to making the awesome snowman too:


Thanks to Kelsey Bang, June Gilbank, and Michele at the Scrapshoppe, for their fab tutorials. If you have a go yourself, I hope you enjoy making these decorations as much as I did.

Happy Holidays Y’all! xXx